Johannes Faupel – Systemic Therapist and Consultant SG, IGST, Coach, Springer Nature Author

Are you looking for a supervisor and coach working systemically for Frankfurt am Main, the Rhine-Main area – and for online coaching? Here are the offers for supervision, mediation and systemic consulting from Johannes Faupel:


Johannes Faupel, Systemischer Therapeut und Berater, Supervisor, zertifiziert von SG und IGST

Johannes Faupel, Systemischer Therapeut und Berater, Supervisor, zertifiziert von SG und IGST

  • Systemic couple therapy and family therapy
  • Systemic consulting, therapy, supervision
  • Business Coaching and Executive Coaching
  • Online coaching
  • Supervision for social institutions
  • Team development and Team building
  • Mediation in the context of disputes between shareholders of companies and organizations
  • Supervision for hospitals and clinic departments
  • Team supervision
  • Supervision for couples, couple counseling, couple therapy
  • Consulting, intervision and supervision for psychotherapists and psychologists, also online
  • Supervision for teachers
  • Continuing education and supervision for day care centers
  • Volunteer work in suicide prevention
  • Development of own concepts to increase the ability to concentrate, e.g. Mind-Rooms

Johannes Faupel – Qualifications

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Balance Hünstetten

Recommendation Johannes Faupel

“In search of professional supervision, we found Mr. Faupel. Initial contact and first supervision were scheduled at short notice.
Already after the first session we were convinced as a team of the high quality work.
Mr. Faupel empathically perceived our concerns and worked very constructively with us.

Gladly again and again!”

Heidrun Mohn
Geschäftsführerin Praxisgemeinschaft Therapiezentrum balance in Hünstetten-Görsroth

Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden

Recommendation Johannes Faupel – Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden

“Mr. Faupel has accompanied us on a selective basis for several years and his supervisions provide an important and professional basis for reflecting on our cooperation in the office, as well as decisive impulses for conflict resolution and the constructive development of our team. His flexibility and clever approach to diverse problems have convinced us of his work.”

Michael Weinand

Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden e.V.
Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 10
65195 Wiesbaden

Website Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden

systTelios Transfer – sysTelios Gesundheitszentrum-Klinik Siedelsbrunn / Odenwald

Johannes Faupel ist lizenzierter Partner von systTelios Transfer – sysTelios Gesundheitszentrum-Klinik Siedelsbrunn / Odenwald

My specialization is the Hypnosystemic Approach, in which Dr. med. Gunther Schmidt has combined Systemic Therapy and the Hypnotherapy of Milton H. Erickson.


Burnout-Prävention und -Intervention im Marketing Springer Gabler Johannes Faupel

Burnout-Prävention und -Intervention im Marketing

“Johannes Faupel has presented an excellent model with this book, which conveys theory in such a way that the practice that follows from it leads in a remarkably motivating way to a health-promoting practice that is always appreciative and encouraging. It thus becomes a hopefully very successful example of good marketing even for itself, and a great success and at the same time the thanks of many concerned people it has earned.”

Dr. Gunther Schmidt

Dr. med. Gunther Schmidt, sysTelios-Klinik Siedelsbrunn Wald-Michelbach Gunther Schmidt
Medical Director of the sysTelios Clinic for psychosomatic health development Siedelsbrunn
Director of the Milton-Erickson-Institute Heidelberg

“If you’ve been maxed out on your strength for a while and don’t have the time, then you should read this book. And if you’re not at your limit (yet), then after reading this book you’ll know even more precisely how to continue to keep a good safe distance from burnout.”
Manfred Prior, author of “MiniMax Interventions”

Dr. phil. Dipl.-Psych. Manfred Prior
Trainer of the Milton-Erickson-Society for clinical hypnosis and head of the MEG Regional Office Frankfurt

MindRooms – Selbsthilfebuch von Johannes Faupel

MindRooms – Selbsthilfebuch von Johannes Faupel